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    Paul, alias Noesis, is a french artist based in Aubervilliers (Paris / FR). Paul focus its creation in an experimental approach of electronic music, in connection with the digital arts, and use of artificial intelligence as a tool for creation rather than enslavement.
    Musically, the approach doesn't obey to established style compositions technics : sometimes ambient, generative, tribal, often mystical, willingly futuristic, with influences from IDM, bass music, electronica, or science fiction soundtracks.



    No3sis has co-founded in 2020 Syrinx Music, a label where music and digital art projects are to come.



    Noetic Dance is an extension of the musical project for live performances, in collaboration with dancers, who can perform with their digital twin in an interactive setup of cameras and AI generated visuals.


    - June 2021 : Noetic Dance at MC 93 (bobigny) with Alexandra Radulescu and Thomas Ballèvre

    - December 2021 : Noetic Distance (Co-production with Hangars Numériques, Reunion Island) : A virtual dance duo between Thomas Ballèvre (Paris) and Nikita Goile (Saint Denis, Reunion Island), physically distant but virtually close.






    Paul, alias Noesis, basé à Aubervilliers, se place dans une approche expérimentale de la musique électronique, en connexion avec les arts numériques, et l'utilisation d'algorithmes d’intelligence artificielle comme outil de création audiovisuelle.

    Musicalement, la démarche se veut libre, et sans frontière établie de style ou de technique de composition : tantôt ambient, générative, tribale, souvent mystique, volontiers futuriste, d’influences IDM, bass music, electronica, ou inspirée des BO de sciences fiction.


    Le projet Danse Noétique est une extension du projet musical, consistant à créer un spectacle vivant hybride, mélangeant arts visuels et danse dans une scénographie interactive.



    No3sis a également co-fondé en 2020 le label Syrinx Music, invitant à explorer des esthétiques musicales divergentes, et ouvrant la porte aux projets artistiques hybrides.


    Collaborations passées autour du projet Danse Noétique :

    - Juin 2021 : Première représentation du projet Danse Noétique, collaboration avec Alexandra Radulescu et Thomas Ballèvre, présentée à la MC93 de Bobigny.- Décembre 2021 : Distance noétique, un duo virtuel entre Thomas Ballèvre (Paris) et Nikita Goile (Ile de la Réunion), co-produit avec Hangars Numériques (Saint Denis, Ile de la Réunion).





    No3sis - Bio


    2021 Release : "Evidence Based Shamanism" on Gautama Records


    The music video for "Shamanic Dance", track from the LP "evidence based Shamanism" is generated by an artificial intelligence algorithm (called Style Gan) capable of creating visuals inspired by a set of 1500 images from events that took place. unrolled at the Gare des Mines station (Paris). The images are then dynamically and audio-actively edited with the music. The final rendering is abstract, due to a relatively limited and very diverse number of images, which does not allow the algorithm to generate completely faithfully the shapes and subjects of the photographs. We can guess an ear, hair, shapes from the architecture of the station, or lights on stage during concerts. We also see what we want, the spectator becoming an actor in the interpretation, as for musical listening, subjective and unique to each. What emerges is a mixture of the senses, synesthetic, which could recall the modified states of consciousness that some people encounter during trance, especially through dance? Colorimetry and final editing by Lucie Ternicien.





  • Artificial Intelligence ?

    Our first videoclip generated by a Convolutional Neural Network

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    Quanta Records

    - First Album release -

    - 2019 -

  • Noetic Show

    Podcasts every month on Threads Radio


    As a sketchbook for a painter, an alternative place for creation, and for sharing a musical experience with other artists.

    Please contact me for being part of it :)


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    Coming soon :


    Nuit des musiques expérimentales #5 28/10/2023 - Léspas Culturel (Reunion Island, FR)



    Past shows



    SoukMachines, 4knobs invites Syrinx Music at L'eclair (Epinay sur Seine 22/09/23

    Cirque Electrique (Paris, FR) - Anticlub - 09/06/203

    August 2022 - Marais Poitevin - live in a secret place

    December 2021 : Noetic Distance (feat Thomas Ballevre and Nikita Goile) - co-produced by Hangars Numériques (Reunion Island)

    19/11/2021 - La Cigalle (cantine de) - Paris - Release Party for Gautama Record - "Evidence Based Shamanism"

    15/08/2021 - Live @Louverie 2021 /w Microclimat, LAXE & Hydropathes

    10/06/2021 : Noetic Dance, Scenoscope @ MC 93 (Bobigny), France (feat Thomas Ballèvre and Alexandra Radulescu)

    03/10/20 Nuit Blanche de Paris - Fondation Fiminco, Romainville

    03/07/2020 - International Live stream Festival on Threads Radio - Noetic Band performance

    03/05/20 - Covid containemnt - Live for "Boiler Merde"

    "Hypnagogia" release party - 19/12/19- Quai de Bourbon / Dizonord - Paris

    GOGBOT fESTIVAL - 05/09/19 - Metropool - Enschede (NL)

    Threads* radio - pop up @ Paris- 06/07/19

    Paris- Schemas du Keur #3 - L'international -11/06/19

    Paris - Sonifères #4 (Sport national, DOC) 02/02/19

    Paris - Sport National sessions #3 - 01/11/18

    Montreuil - Dynamicale - 09/06/2018 - #cancelled

    Paris - Sonifères #2 (Sport national, DOC) 24/02/18

    Paris -Release party - Braisé - 03/02/18

    Paris - L'international - 23/12/17

    Paris - Sonifères #1 (Sport national, Communion) - 09/12/17

    Paris - La Capela (Empty Spaces Records) -07/10/17



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